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About Camberley

Located in Surrey, England, situated just outside of London, Camberley is a town that’s packed with places to see and things to do for both tourists and locals alike. Camberley tourism and travel offer visitors a wealth of experiences to discover in this picturesque town in Surrey, England. Known for its vibrant community, range of arts and entertainment options, and beautiful parks and green spaces, Camberley has plenty to offer for anyone looking to plan their next holiday. 

No matter the nature or duration of your trip, be it extended an family vacation or a day-trip with friends, coming across places of interest and the top sightseeing attractions in and around Camberley is easy—and getting to and from each location is a breeze! Enjoy your stay to the fullest and take in all that Camberley has to offer.

Top Places to See In and Around Camberley

Camberley and its surroundings have something for everyone, so whether you’re looking to get active in nature or check out the local history and culture, you’ll find plenty there’s plenty to do in Camberley for tourism and travel to keep you entertained.

The Camberley The­atre

A charming, intimate local venue, the Camberley Theatre is the place to catch a great show. From live drama, music, comedy performances, pantomimes and children’s shows, they are guaranteed have something to suit all tastes. With plenty of seating, a bar, and an outdoor car park to rear, the Camberley Theatre is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the local talents. On top of this, it’s only a two minute walk to the town centre as well, making it an easy place to get in and out of to explore the rest of what Camberley has to offer.

Windsor Castle

One of the oldest and largest inhabited castles in the world, Windsor Castle offers a memorable day out for visitors. Visitors can take a self-guided, multimedia tour around Windsor Castle, and from October to March, they can also visit the State Apartments. These served as the private rooms of George IV in the 19th century, and are furnished with the finest works of art selected and commissioned by the castle’s royal occupants. Visitors can also enjoy refreshments in the Undercroft Café, which is situated in one of the Castle’s oldest spaces.

Milestones Museum­

Opened in 2000, the Milestones Museum is a place where visitors can take a walk through history. Containing a network of immersive streets in a detailed recreation of the Victorian era through to the 1940s, the museum lets one experience history come to life as they traverse its cobbled streets. The recreations include railway stations, toy shops, vehicles, and even a working printing press. In addition to this, Milestones Museum runs a programme of family-friendly events and exhibitions and there is plenty for everyone to enjoy on their visit!

RHS Garden Wisely

A day in this 240 -acre garden is guaranteed to be one of your best memories of the year. RHS Garden Wisley is one of five gardens run by the Royal Horticultural Society, and is an impressive, diverse exhibition. In addition to its numerous decorative spaces, it includes several greenhouses, an arboretum, a rock garden, vegetable gardens, and visitors can eve enjoy a tour of the laboratory museum. Enjoy a picnic on the lawn, and given the garden’s numerous seasonal must-sees, from its blooming rose collection in the summer to colorful autumn foliage, it’s an excellent place to enjoy nature all year-round.

Brooklands Museum

Located on the site of an original 1907 motor-racing circuit, the Brooklands Museum presents a look into Britain’s motoring and aviation history. The museum includes preserved sections of the original racing circuit, as well as four heritage-listed buildings. Visitors can enjoy a varied range of exhibits, from race cars and motorcycles to bicycles. The museum’s collection also includes the Concorde G-BBDG, the first aircraft to carry 100 passengers at twice the speed of sound, as well as a Vickers Vimy replica built in America in 1994 in honor of the world’s first transatlantic flight.

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS, or RMA Sandhurst), is one of the United Kingdom’s several military academies, and serves as the British Army’s initial officer training centre. With its ceremonial entrance in Camberley, the academy hosts hundreds of events each year, and members of the public are free to attend pre-arranged visits, including tours, to several areas and exhibits where historical events have taken place.

Thorpe Park

With over 30 different types of rides and attractions, Thorpe Park is a must-visit for any thrill seeker. Home to Stealth, which holds the record for fastest acceleration of any European roller coaster, and to the Swarm, Europe’s tallest and fastest winged roller coaster, the park is sure to excite all who visit. A family friendly location, visitors can arrange to stay at the park’s on-site hotel, and during the summer season Thorpe Park offers its own beach huts to rent.

Barossa Nature Reserve

Encompassing 1,230 acres, the Barossa Nature Reserve nature reserve is a stunning lowland heath with areas of pine and native deciduous woodland. With hilly, forested areas and multiple trails, it’s great for mountain biking and walking around to observe the diversity of its habitats, which include ground-nesting birds like Dartford warblers, as well as a number of snakes and common lizards. As the reserve is owned by the Ministry of Defence, it is a military training area, so you might spot troops as well.

Getting Around Camberley for Tourism and Travel

While the Camberley public transportation office is served by a number of regular bus services, those travelling further to and from the town also have the option of travelling by train from a number of different stations in the local area. However, the recommended way to get around Camberley, especially for those on holiday, is to take advantage of taxis.

Taxis are the go-to choice for personal transportation within local communities and throughout the United Kingdom, and for good reason considering that they are one of the most efficient modes of transportation.

Moreover, they are particularly best suited for visitors and tourists coming to Camberley, as taxi drivers’ knowledge about the town and its surrounding area’s roads, landmark, and attractions mean they can their passengers to their destinations through the quickest, most efficient routes—and even point them towards local attractions they may not have been aware of.

The door-to-door service that taxis offer, for reaching camberley tourism and travel spots, is also especially useful for those carrying around luggage, or who may be travelling with family and have young children with them. Considering the fact that taxis are regulated by Transport for UK, they are ensured to be well-maintained, and taxi drivers undergo thorough background checks, which means that visitors can feel safe and secure during their journey in a new place.

Many taxi services are available these days, such as Ace Taxis Camberley. You can book a taxi, and the service delivers accessibility, reliability and value for money at all times. Booking a taxi also gives one the option to mention the number of passengers, which means that the vehicle provided will best suit their needs.

Camberley itself is a walkable town, and making one’s way through its attractions offerings is little hassle. But when going greater distances, or visiting larger locations outside of the town, then catching you can count on taxis to be available whenever you need them. And, unlike public transportation, which can be subject to delays during peak hours, taxis will be there with round-the-clock service.

In conclusion, Camberley is a charming town that offers a diverse range of attractions for tourists and travelers alike. From its rich history and impressive architecture to its modern amenities and outdoor adventures, Camberley has something for everyone. Visitors can explore the town’s historical landmarks, using Camberley taxi service, and enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Surrey Heath. Camberley tourism and travel are a great way to discover all that this town has to offer, and with its convenient location just 30 miles from London, it is an accessible destination for both domestic and international visitors. So, whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, Camberley is definitely worth a visit.

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